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While we are all staying safe indoors due to the corona virus, all zoos and parks have closed. For a limited time only we are now offering private tours at our outdoor location. We are asking $25 per person with a $100 minimum charge. You will see all of the animals on our website in person.

All tours must arrive in 2 cars or less and be 10 people or less. You will have a one hour guided tour by appointment only. We provide hand sanitizer and/or anitbacterial soap and water at our outdoor sink area. We are not open to the public and will not open the gate unless you have booked a tour. The tour is outdoors only in our one acre area. We do not have any food or beverages on site except bottled water. We do not provide sunscreen, mosquito repellent or any other products besides hand sanitizer. You may take as many photos as you like and your tour guide will provide photo opportunities with many animals like the fennec fox, lemur, kinkajou, parrot, alligator and snake at no extra charge. Plus you get to meet our beloved giant cow and our new mini cow! Please call or text us for further details.

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