"Quality animals combined with well seasoned trainers gives you the most entertaining, diverse and hands on show in South Florida!"

Always a huge hit with kids and adults alike!
We have three popular birthday packages available:

Packages Dade (305) Broward (954) Palm Beaches (561)
Package 1:  Wildlife Show $340 $355 $370
Package 2:  Wildlife Adventure Show $365 $380 $395
Package 3:  Wild Safari Party $625 $640 $655

Wildlife Show
$340 Dade / $355 Broward / $370 Palm Beaches

The wildlife show is about 45 minutes to one hour long and involves a variety of different animals and one trainer. Standard animals in the show are always a member of the bug family, like a giant scorpion, an amphibian, like a toad, reptiles including an alligator and a large snake. There will also be some type of tropical bird and several exotic mammals (see Meet The Animals page for a complete list). The other mammals that come to the show depend on the trainer who does your particular show. There are foxes, honey bears, ferrets, skunks, servals, anteaters, porcupines, lemurs and more! At the end of the show, your child will receive our free exclusive poster and our exclusive "WILD ANIMAL SONGS" Compact Disc. This CD features songs created for Wild Animal World and Pangaea Productions about our animals. See our Souvenirs and Show Extras page for poster & compact disc details.

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Wildlife Adventure Show
$365 Dade / $380 Broward / $395 Palm Beaches

This is the wildlife show (above) with an added bonus: A vest with 'pocket animals'. Your child is called up at the beginning of the show to be a wildlife trainer and is asked to wear a khaki vest. What the child doesn't know is that the vest has many animals in the pockets and the trainer will start pulling them out and giving them to the child to hold or placing them on the child (animals like a ferret, gecko, toad, small snake, etc.). This is a great opportunity for a cute photo of the birthday boy or girl. After this routine, the child will return to the audience and sit with friends until they are called up again to hold other animals. We strongly recommend your child be age 5 or older for this show. At the end of the show, they will receive our Exclusive Poster and the "WILD ANIMAL SONGS" compact disc.

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Wild Safari Party
$625 Dade / $640 Broward / $655 Palm Beaches
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A combination of everything, including our best animals, the 'vest routine', two trainers, our Exclusive Poster, the "WILD ANIMAL SONGS" compact disc, and a photo session afterwards with all the guests and selected animals. The photos are 4X6 glossy prints that are mailed to you in personalized cards with your child's name on them and a random variety of our animals on the cover. You also receive a light up keychain with one of your child's best pictures with an animal. The photos below are actual photos taken at different "Wild Safari" parties:

Your personalized photo jackets come with random pictures of our very own "party animals" and your child's name and age personalized on the front:



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